Not sold in the USA. You can treat, but you can not cure medical problems by using same old technology, methods and thinking! Next generation of medicine is Pico-Medicine!

Picocides For Bacteria, Insects, Fungi, and Virus Control

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Virus (TYLCV) Tomato yellow leaf curl virus, from genus Begomovirus and family Geminiviridae.
Virus (PPV) Sharka-Plum Pox Virus
Virus (TolCNDV) Tomato Leaf Curl New Delhi Virus
Virus (PRSV) Papaya Ring Spot Virus
Virus (CMV) Black Sigatoka CMV (Cucumber Mosaic Virus)
Virus Bract mosaic Banana bract mosaic virus
Virus Abaca bract mosaic virus
Virus Bunchy top Banana bunchy top virus
Virus Abaca bunchy top virus
Virus Mosaic Cucumber mosaic virus
Virus Abaca mosaic virus
Virus Streak Banana streak virus
Virus Banana mild mosaic Banana mild mosaic virus
Virus Banana virus X Banana virus X
Virus Soybean Mosaic Virus
Virus Bean Pod Mottle Virus

Virus Adenovirus Virus
Virus Arenavirus Virus
Virus Chlamydia pneumoiae Virus
Virus Coronavirus Virus
Virus Coxsackievirus Virus
Virus Echovirus Virus
Virus Hantavirus Virus
Virus Influenza Virus
Virus Morbillvirus Virus
Virus Parainfluenza Virus
Virus Paramyxovirus Virus
Virus Parvovirus B19 Virus
Virus Poxvirus - Vaccinia Virus
Virus Rhinorvirus Virus
Virus Togavirus Virus
Virus Varicella-zoster Virus
Virus Yersinia pestis Virus

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